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The 8 Steps To A Perfect Skin Care Routine In Winter

The 8 Steps To A Perfect Skin Care Routine In Winter

Hands up if your skin dries out the very second winter hits? Mine absolutely does and I figure with all this extra time on my hands, now’s as good a time as any to finally perfect a skincare routine.

I enlisted the help of Sukin‘s Product Trainer, Cathy Galileos, to work out what we should be doing when the weather turns colder.

#1 Why does your skin dry out in winter?

First of all, why does skin even start to get dry as the air around us cools? According to Cathy, it’s a combination of things drying us out.

“It’s the combination of chilly weather, harsh winds, pollution and central heating,” she says. “The cold air reduces the naturally occurring oil known as sebum, which acts as a protective moisture layer. Then with lower humidity in the air during winter, the skin starts to dry out”.

#2 What are the main changes for winter skincare?

Hydration, hydration, hydration. This might seem a little obvious, but how do we do that effectively?

“It’s a good time to amplify your skincare routine with more nourishing oils, elixirs and moisturisers,” explains Cathy. “[Your] skin will feel smoother, softer, and more resilient, with a natural-looking glow. Also, with less UV exposure, [you should] introduce serums that offer a higher concentration of active ingredients for anti-ageing and brightening benefits”.

“Be diligent with exfoliation, as this promotes healthy skin by sloughing off surface barrier-forming dead skin cells. It increases cellular regeneration and allows for better absorption of products”.

#3 Do natural skincare products actually make a difference?

People toot organic and natural skincare products all the time, and while we obviously don’t want chemicals touching our skin, I always wonder if all those weird ingredients actually make a difference.

“What we put on our skin matters. Although you may think the face is only a small part in comparison to the body, the product still absorbs into our bodies and can have a potential toxic impact,” Cathy says.

“There are many natural and naturally derived ingredients that are beneficial for skin. They’re packed with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants, rich in fatty acids and anti-inflammatory benefits, to name a few”.


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#4 What does a perfect winter skincare routine look like?

Obviously, a good skincare routine really depends on your own skin type, particularly in terms of the actual products you use. However, Cathy says every winter routine should include the same eight steps.

Cleanse: Morning and night. “Your cleanser should leave skin feeling soft and clean, never dry or tight,” says Cathy.

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Serum/Elixir: Morning and night. “Address specific skin concerns with a serum or elixir that’s formulated with additional ingredients to target specific needs,” she explains. “[It] should always be layered underneath your moisturiser”.

Eye Serum/Cream: Morning and night. “The eye area is surrounded by delicate skin which is much thinner than the rest of the face. Regular use of an eye cream or serum to keep the area plump and supple is essential”.

Moisturise: Morning and night. “When used daily, moisturisers help keep skin’s vital hydration locked in and improve your skin’s appearance, feeling smooth, hydrated and soft”.

Protect: Morning. “Use a sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher, and apply it daily (even when it’s cloudy). [This should] always be the final step in your morning skin-care routine”.

Oils: Morning and night. “Add an oil for a deeply nourishing booster to supplement your skincare routine. In the morning apply a small amount on dry areas after your moisturiser, or add a few drops to your moisturiser for added nourishment,” Cathy recommends.

“In the afternoon you can massage an oil into your face and around the eye area. There’s no need to moisturise because it is occlusive”.

Exfoliate: Weekly. “Use once or twice a week, as needed, to leave the skin feeling smooth and revitalised”.

Masque: Weekly. “Use a replenishing and hydrating cream-based masque or a sheet mask to restore skin vitality”.

(Lead Image: Pexels / Daria Shevtsova)

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