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Mamma Mia! This Italian Vineyard Is Offering Wine Fitness Classes

Mamma Mia! This Italian Vineyard Is Offering Wine Fitness Classes

wine fitness

What does it take for you to actually get off the couch and to the gym? Wanting to burn off that Thai food you ate for lunch? The desire to be a healthier and fitter you? Honestly, we can’t relate. Bribe us in a cheeky glass of wine (or two) and then we can talk.

One vineyard is doing just that, by offering wine fitness classes.


You’ll find the Cantina Al Rocol in the province of Brescia, in Lombardy – in the middle of the hills of the Franciacorta area, famed for its delicious wines. And this September, the vineyard is organising a series of wine fitness classes

wine fitness

A personal trainer leads the class, putting guests through the kinds of paces a farmer from the vineyard might expect to experience day-to-day. So expect loads of stretching, picking grapes and sowing plants, all of which is said to assist in regaining mobility, as well as emotional wellbeing.

wine fitness

And then, after you’ve got your sweat on, you can rehydrate with a degustation of wines while taking a tour of the nearby cellars.

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For more information, and to find out when the next wine fitness class is running, visit the website.

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