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Why Set Up A Tent When You Can Camp In One Of These Sleeping Pods Instead?

Why Set Up A Tent When You Can Camp In One Of These Sleeping Pods Instead?

The Joshua Tree National Park and is generally considered to be one of the most spiritual destinations in the United States and now, you’re invited to a creative, self-sustaining desert oasis that is most definitely not a cult, we’re pretty sure.

Upon hearing the call for people to join a “desert oasis”, we wouldn’t blame you for raising an eyebrow, but once you see how incredible this little community is, all of your doubts will be erased.


These pods make up a mini residence that exist as part of Wagon Station Encampment and were designed by artist Andrea Zittel.

This is the second incarnation of Zittel’s Encampment – the first pods were similar to the ones that exist now, but they were exclusively allocated to her friends or collaborators instead of to the public.


Today, there are 12 pods in total with each pod sleeping one person. The oasis is equipped with a communal eating area, open air showers and eco-friendly composting services, and guests are free to personalise their pod with their own bedding, artwork and rugs.


The camp is open to guests for only two months of the year, April and October in the US’s spring and autumn.


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So what do you do once you arrive and settle into your pod? Hike, read, walk around, cook, help out with the camp, make art… anything you like really! Zittell founded this community with the idea of fostering a space where people felt free to be creative or relax. The ball’s in your pod.

The pods can be reserved for a week by submitting an application on this site with a non-refundable $20 fee.

(Photos: Lance Brewer/

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