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Why Hawaii Is A Photographer’s Dream

Why Hawaii Is A Photographer’s Dream

All-inclusive resorts, swaying palm trees and drinking cocktails out of pineapples on the beach; these are all great things to do in Hawaii, but the allure of this US archipelago goes far beyond its luxury.

The wild, green volcanic islands are small, but they pack a mighty punch when it comes to eye-pleasing spots of natural beauty. Christopher Yip, who travelled there recently, photographed a side of Hawaii that moves beyond the stereotypes of sun, sand and surf stereotypes. The state is also home to moody scenes, dramatic uninhabited cliffs and flowing lava from active volcanoes. It seems that the best views in Hawaii are found at the end of challenging hikes, from above in helicopters or in secret spots off the well-worn track.

Check out the photos and captions by Christopher in the gallery below.

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(All photos: Christopher Yip. Follow Christopher on Instagram here.)

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