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This Genius Budget Calculator Matches You With Your Next Travel Destination

This Genius Budget Calculator Matches You With Your Next Travel Destination


Travelling is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but it can often be a tricky beast to navigate financially if you haven’t done your research. Luckily, there’s a new website which takes care of all of that for you.

This free online tool is called The Earth Awaits, and it matches your travel budget with destinations where you’re least likely to blow it by analysing the real-time costs of essential items – bread, coffee, milk – as well as luxury ones, such as a pair of artisanal leather shoes or a bottle of champagne.

The search function factors in your monthly travel budget, the kind of lifestyle you’re interested in living, as well as the part of the world you want to visit, then it provides you with a list of applicable places based on your criteria.

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It calculates a list of possibilities, returning information on climate by month, crime rates, internet download speed, and languages spoken (so you can learn how to order a beer, stat).

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You can choose from a variety of “lifestyles” ranging from lean to opulent, and the aggregator will cater to those decisions by providing realistic amounts for each budgeted item. Once you’ve found your dream destination and budget, you can then export it all as a spreadsheet, making planning your vacay as easy as can be.


For example, say you and your partner wanted to visit South America for a month, you had a budget of $3200, you wanted to live a modest lifestyle in a place with only moderate pollution, and you wanted to rent a one-bedder in the city-centre. Oh, and you wanted fast internet speeds. Where should you go? According to the site, your best bets would be Cali in Colombia, Montevideo in Uruguay and Brazil‘s capital Brasilia.

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According to the aggregator, the cheapest and most liveable city in the world is in Portugal, the country whose capital recently dubbed the best city in Europe. A small place called Braga takes out first place for those seeking out liveability on a budget, as it proves to be the most affordable, costing roughly $1629AUD per month to visit.

Braga also has the lowest rate of pollution, low crime rates, and boasts a balmy Mediterranean climate for most of the year. Other budget-friendly travel destinations with low crime and pollution include Cordoba and Las Palmas in Spain, as well as Corfu in Greece and Dresden in Germany.

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For those looking for a more opulent lifestyle, the winner was our nation’s capital. Canberra is apparently the ideal place for those looking for liveability with some cash to spare, with Durham in North Carolina and Irvine in California rounding out the top three.

Whether you want to pack up and move abroad, travel long-term on a budget, or just hit up a place for a few weeks, The Earth Awaits can help you sort your trip out.

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(h/t: Lonely Planet)

(Lead image: Val Vesa / Unsplash)

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