This Illustrated Map Shows All The Royal Residences You Can Visit In The UK

Where Does The Royal Family Live? In 20 Castles & Palaces In The UK

What is it about the royal family that we can’t get enough of? Is it the otherworldly glamour of the castles where they live? Is it our obsession with The Crown or maybe even just the Queen’s corgis?

Nah, it’s definitely the castles. Buckingham Palace and Windsor are unimaginably grand, especially for anyone who’s currently struggling to find an apartment in Australia without housemates from hell.


We all know the big ones: Buckingham, Kensington, Windsor — basically everywhere Harry and Meghan have been. But the Royal Family actually owns a whole heap of castles, manors and lodges around the UK, and most of them are open to visitors.

Because the Queen is extra AF, there are a grand total of twenty royal residences spread out across the UK from London to Edinburgh and as far out as the Isle of Scilly. Helpfully, the team over at Quid Corner has put together a map of all the residences where members of the royal family live:

Where Does The Royal Family Live? In 20 Castles & Palaces In The UK

Planning a trip to cross some of these regal residences off your bucket list? Buckingham Palace is an obvious starting point.

It’s where Her Maj 👏  gets 👏 shit 👏 done. She lives and works here with the Duke of Edinburgh, even if they do spend most weekends at Windsor. The palace has been the official London residence of the UK’s sovereigns since 1837, and even in 2019 its glam gardens, golden gates and impressive guards make it a tourist hotspot.


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St. James’ Palace, Clarence House and Kensington Palace are all nearby in London. Tours take you inside Kensington and Clarence House, and while St James’ Palace is closed to the public, there’s nothing stopping you from snapping a photo outside the front door.


Just a short drive from London, Windsor Castle is open to visitors who can wander the sprawling gardens, opulent state rooms and St. George’s Chapel, where Prince Harry and Meghan tied the knot.

Head all the way up north to Edinburgh to visit the Palace of Holyroodhouse, once home to Mary, Queen of Scots and now the official residence of the monarchy in Scotland. Tours run inside the palace through the state apartments, throne room, and Mary, Queen of Scots’ chambers.

A lot of the residences on the map are open to the public, and all look good on Instagram during your Euro holiday. See the full-sized map here, and more information about each of the residences here.

(Lead image: Quid Corner / supplied)

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