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Live Out Your Game Of Thrones Fantasies By Staying In This Castle Perched On A Cliff

Live Out Your Game Of Thrones Fantasies By Staying In This Castle Perched On A Cliff

The castle hotel Castello Roccascalegna in Italy, perched on a craggy hill.

Ever wanted to spent a night in a medieval fortress overlooking a small Italian village? We’re going to assume you all said yes, because that sounds like a dream come true. Get your Game of Thrones fantasies ready friends, because you can now stay in a castle hotel in Italy for dirt cheap.

A renovated medieval fortress in Roccascalegna, Italy is offering overnight stays for €100 (AU$159). As far as castles go, that’s a pretty sweet deal. Hell, it even beats a lot of Sydney accommodation! Obviously, booking an Italian getaway is the responsible thing to do. Sure it wasn’t actually featured in the TV series of Ice and Fire, but it sure looks like it could have been.


The fortress is popularly known as the “Castle in the Sky” and it’s easy to see why. It runs along the edge of a cliff, with one end that appears to be hanging out over nothing. When you arrive, you’ll get to explore the on-grounds chapel, tower, dungeon, gardens and plenty of rooms inside the massive castle.


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Prepare for things to get a bit spooky – the castle hotel is a prime spot for ghost hunters. Legend says that this Italian castle is haunted by the ghost of Baron Corvo de Corvis. Some visitors have claimed to see signs of the Baron lurking around the castle. Of course, it’s probably all just made up but, then again, a centuries-old castle is the perfect spot for a bloody ghost tale…


It’s just a quick trip down the cliff to the village of Roccascalegna, where you’ll find much less spooky adventures awaiting you. Sample Italian cuisine at local restaurants and explore the streets lined with stone cottages.

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The Medieval Castello Roccascalegna, an Italian castle hotel you can rent

Visit the Medieval Castle of Roccascalegna’s website for more information and to book accommodation. Looking for more inspiration? There are plenty of other amazing castle hotels available to stay in around the world.

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(Images: Corrado Mancinelli via Castello Medievale di Roccascalegna)

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