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You Can Rent The French Castle Where Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Got Married

You Can Rent The French Castle Where Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Got Married

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The Queen of the North and the lead singer of the Jonas Brothers just shattered our Instagram feeds with pics of their surprise second wedding ceremony, taking place in a super luxe and cute French château. A French château that you can rent for yourself, if you’ve got the cash.

Yep, if you want to holiday where Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas said “I do”, all you need to do is head to the Château de Tourreau in Provence, France.


The 18th-century castle is available to rent on Airbnb Luxe, a section of the Airbnb platform dedicated exclusively to luxury stays around the world. As well as being the place where the superstars tied the knot, the château has seventeen acres of perfectly-kept lawns, nine bedroom suites, a main salon, superb dining room and a library, billiard rooms and a pool. It’ll fit you and 13 friends. Safe to say, this place is Lush with a capital L.


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A night in the Château de Tourreau will set you back $6800, and while that amount of cash could go towards paying off your student loans, rescuing an unfathomable amount of dogs or financing a much larger holiday, I guess a weekend in a luxury French castle certainly isn’t a bad way to spend it. Especially if you split that among your 13 friends.

If those numbers just won’t crunch in your favour though, it’s not the only high-end pad you can rent out for a holiday. Reese Witherspoon’s massive beach house from Big Little Lies is available in Malibu, and you can rent a Lord of the Rings-style Hobbit house in Washington.

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(Lead image: Château de Tourreau / Airbnb)

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