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We’ve Officially Found The Greatest Hostel On Earth

We’ve Officially Found The Greatest Hostel On Earth

Hostels have long been the cheapest way for the young and/or broke to travel the world, but unfortunately, that can often mean putting up with accommodation that is…less than ideal. Generator Paris, a hostel that recently opened in the City of Lights’ 10th arrondissement, aims to change all that by setting a new standard for “affordable luxury” – a hostel experience that is comfortable, stylish and well-located without sacrificing thrift.


Generator Paris is only the latest venue opened by Generator, which operates nine other hostels across Europe, and boasts 916 beds across eight floors.

A bunk bed (each with a private power board and locket) in a spacious, chic dorm room decorated with a charming mix of sleek modernist furniture and flea-market finds will cost you about $34AUD per night, and for a bit more you can book a private room with a terrace, dreamy views of the Canal St. Martin and Sacré-Cœur, and a hammock. A hammock.

The common areas are decorated with a Moroccan theme to reflect Paris’ cultural diversity, and there is a swanky bar, decorated with original Paris metro tiles, in the basement.

According to Generator’s Chief Strategic Officer, Josh Wyatt, they are able to keep costs low by cutting out the annoying detritus – think desks, mini fridges, TVs–that take up space in every single other hotel room despite never being used.

Wyatt’s goal is to allow hostellers to travel cheaply without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics, and use the money saved to, you know, actually go out and experience the city itself. Now that’s a philosophy we can get behind.

(All images: Generator Paris)

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