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Weekday Wanderlust: Brighton Beach, Melbourne

Weekday Wanderlust: Brighton Beach, Melbourne

Bathing boxes at Brighton beach boxes

Have you been staring at your computer screen for the last 30 minutes trying to turn that spreadsheet into a white sandy beach? Or maybe you’re dreaming of an adventure holiday in a far-off place when you really should be ploughing through that mound of work piling up on your desk?

Don’t worry, AWOL understands.


As far as beaches go, you’d be hard-pressed to find one as beautiful and conveniently located as Brighton Beach, Melbourne. Sure, Sydney is usually the destination praised for its golden sandy shores and, admittedly, Melbourne’s beaches are a little hit and miss. But just 45 minutes on a bus from the Melbourne CBD are these 82 beautiful bathing boxes, a relic of the Victorian era.

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The boxes are licensed to beach regulars, who are able to make a statement with the painted pattern on the box. The bold colours and history mix with the incredible location and give the iconic Brighton Beach Boxes photographs we all know so well.

So, now that we’re a decent way through winter, start planning your summer trip to Melbourne and account for a splash in the surf with this incredible backdrop. Perfect.

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