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Victoria’s 12 Apostles Are So Stunning – Even Greece Is Claiming Them

Victoria’s 12 Apostles Are So Stunning – Even Greece Is Claiming Them

Over the weekend, Melbourne-based photographer Alex Cherney was alerted to Tourism Greece’s new campaign, which used a 15-second clip of his without permission. Weird thing is, the footage used is of the iconic and very recognisable 12 Apostles (only eight of the sandstone giants remain) situated on the Victorian coast along the Great Ocean Road. As in here. In Australia. Just an inconsequential 15, 000 kilometres away from the country they’re supposed to be promoting.

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The Greek National Tourism Organisation defended their decision by claiming the stars and constellations visible in the video above the 12 Apostles carry Greek names. “The mythology of the sky at all latitudes and longitudes of the earth is Greek,” they said in a statement.

(Photo: Taryn Stenvei)

So on top of claiming legitimate use of all areas of earth that fall beneath a Greek-named constellation, we can only assume they are also claiming ownership of every atlas, thesis and harmonica, as well as the Titanic (both the shipwreck and the feature film) and the eventual apocalypse.

Since contacting the organisation, Cherney has been compensated for the use of his video and the organisation has decided to keep using the footage of a far away land, which seems odd given the extreme wealth of history and natural beauty actually native to Greece. Some suggestions to replace the recording include a shot of that super famous sunset over Santorini, a slow shutter capture of stars over the ancient Acropolis or perhaps even an extended zoom in on a perfectly prepared piece of spanakopita.

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(Photo: Ed Aesila/Flickr)

(Lead image: Taryn Stenvei)

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