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The Best Hotel In The World Is In Tasmania

The Best Hotel In The World Is In Tasmania

The World Boutique Hotel Awards happened last night in London – but the winner of the “Best Boutique Hotel in the World” was actually pretty close to home. Saffire Freycinet is Tasmania’s jewel (get it), just a few hours from Hobart on its quietly captivating East Coast. So what does it take to be awarded such an esteemed honour?

For starters, the luxurious lodge is perched on the secluded and stunning Wineglass Bay with rooms offering views of the very handsome Hazard mountains.

SAF Wineglass Walk_HR
The Wineglass Bay walk no doubt comes with a complimentary glass of wine

You can dine on a seven course tasting menu (seven!) which changes each night. And for that next level food experience you can enjoy cooking and mixology demonstrations, where one of Saffire’s chefs shows you how a luxury meal and accompanying fancy cocktail is prepared from start to finish.

SAF Waking Up_HR
“I know they’re stunning babe, but you’ve been up staring at them all night. You need to sleep.”

It’s one of the most well-designed buildings on the planet – seemingly everything is made from timber, stone or leather apart from the beds which I assume are like sleeping on a pile of plush puppies.

SAF Oyster Shucking 1_HR
Can you spot what is wrong with this picture? The answer is nothing. Nothing at all.

You can catch a private helicopter to a golf course, NO BIG DEAL, or you can literally wade out to a pristine dining table propped up in the shallows of the bay and set with white linen on an oyster farm. Watch them pluck and shuck them before your eyes then slide them down with a glass of local sparkling wine.

SAF Premium-Bathroom_HR
Here is a bathroom bigger than your whole house.

Oh, and it’s only $1800 (meals inclusive) per night, so what are you waiting for?

You don’t have to break the bank to experience Tassie. Book your next trip through Qantas.

(All images: Saffire)

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