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Ever Tried Korean-Mexican Fusion Food? You Can Now At This Sydney Restaurant

Ever Tried Korean-Mexican Fusion Food? You Can Now At This Sydney Restaurant

In the latest experimental food fusion combo to come to restaurants, an eatery in Canterbury, Sydney, is taking the fried chicken from Korean cuisine and smashing them with Mexican tacos. Sure, it’s unusual, but let your mind get used to the idea – we think it’s ace.

Vecino, located in the Sydney suburb of Canterbury, brings a fusion the owners Eunice and Tony thought diners hadn’t seen before. Tony who is also head chef of Vecino and has experience working in Mexican restaurants and wanted to bring that history to his own Korean background.

The menu includes a spin on the classics of each cuisine, such as bulgogi tacos, pico de gallo fries, kimchi stuffed burritos, and a separate menu specifically for Korean fried chicken including sweet and spicy, teriyaki, rosemary honey garlic and original varieties. I know, right?


You’ll be wanting to splash your palate with something liquid to wash down the fried chick, which is when you turn to the extensive cocktail menu. Already popular is the Makgeorita, a hybrid of the classic margarita and Makgeolli (Korean rice wine) with a banana or honey twist. There’s also a range of frozen margaritas perfect for the upcoming summer, and desserts like red velvet pancakes and dessert quesadillas.

We might not be sure whether to say “salud!” or “geonbae!” but we know where we’re headed for our next taco fix.

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How to get there

  • Fly Qantas to Sydney
  • Take a T8 line train to Bardwell Park Station
  • Change to a route 491 bus to Canterbury Station
  • Walk 220m
  • Vecino, Shop 1, 1-3 Charles St, Canterbury

(All images: Vecino / supplied)

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