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Jetstar’s Christmas Sale Is Here, With Domestic Flights From A Teensy $29

Jetstar’s Christmas Sale Is Here, With Domestic Flights From A Teensy $29

Hey, you there. You deserve a Christmas treat. With all the staying indoors and not being able to see friends and family interstate, and having to put exploring on hold, you deserve a Christmas treat that’s actually a flight.

No doubt you have your Chrissie plans already sorted, but in fabulous news for everyone who likes a little vacay, Jetstar have announced their Christmas sale with flight dates for early to mid-2021.

When they say sale flights, they bloody mean it. These fares are starting from a minuscule $29. Some highlights include:

Sydney to:

  • The Whitsundays from $69
  • Launceston from $49
  • Gold Coast from $45
  • Melbourne from $49
  • Cairns from $99
  • Uluru from $89
  • Perth from $149

Melbourne to:

  • Hobart from $45
  • Gold Coast from $69
  • Ballina Byron from $97
  • Sydney from $41
  • Uluru from $89
  • Brisbane from $89
  • Perth from $129
  • Adelaide from $29

Brisbane to:

  • Adelaide from $79
  • Sydney from $59
  • Darwin from $89
  • Melbourne from $89
  • The Whitsundays from $55

Hobart to:

  • Gold Coast from $99
  • Melbourne from $45
  • Sydney from $69
  • Adelaide from $75

You get it, there’s a heap of options to and from all over Australia, so you’re going to want to have a look. The sale ends on Saturday, December 19.

As always, baggage isn’t included, so factor in an extra $20, and all fares prices are for one way — which should be obvious by now but one should never assume.

If you can’t quite decide (and honestly with all those options who could?), then you’ve come to the right place, because we have all the inspiration to help you decide.

Considering the Northern Territory? Check out our Uluru packing list, because it’s so hard to predict what you need for desert weather. Or get a load of the best places to eat in Darwin, which is actually something of a foodie haven now.

Over in Melbourne you can enjoy the pop-up beach bar, or the giant inflatable fun park (yes please), or just use the city as a starting point and head off on the awesome weekend adventures around Victoria. Otherwise, just hang in one of their awesome beer gardens, it’s been a year and half, no-one could blame you.

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(Lead Image: Unsplash / Ross Parmly)

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