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Um, Guys, You Can Go Real-Life Mario Karting In Tokyo

Um, Guys, You Can Go Real-Life Mario Karting In Tokyo

Maricar go-kart tours

It appears that someone has read your year five Christmas wish list: real life Mario Kart exists and it’s about to turn your trip to Tokyo up to 11.

A company called Maricar offers “real-life superhero go-karting” on the bustling streets of Tokyo. The experience is technically a city street tour, but with a nostalgic twist: not only will you be riding around town in your very own custom made go-kart (that have been tuned for speed), you can do so in full Nintendo garb.

Maricar go-kart tours

Maricar offers costume rentals for all your favourite characters, throwing in a few superheroes for good measure: There’s Mario, Luigi, Yoshi (dibs!), Toad, Princess Peach and Bowser, as well as Spiderman, Ironman, Captain America and Batman.


You can choose your own music (here’s a banger) and bluetooth communication bands so you can talk to your mates while driving.

Maricar go-kart tours

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Tours run for two or three hours and tick off a bunch of Tokyo tourist spots on the way, including Tokyo Tower, Shibuya, Roppongi and Shinagawa.

You can ride with a group or ride privately; the only prerequisite to kart is having a valid driver’s license. Prices start at $95 (¥8000) per person.


(All images: Maricar / Facebook)

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