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A Toast Bar Has Just Opened In Sydney

A Toast Bar Has Just Opened In Sydney

If there’s one thing us Millennials have down pat it’s navigating the property market making toast. Pop a slice of bread into a toaster, throw the contents of your fridge on there (butter, cheese, mayonnaise, soy sauce?) et voilà, you’ve got yourself a meal. But because we’re living in a world where drive-through cheese toastie shops exist, it was only time before someone decided to turn Australia’s Favourite Food™ into a business venture.

Enter Mr Topper’s Toast Bar, Sydney’s new fave brekkie joint.


Serving up a menu that goes far beyond your usual everything-in-the-pantry fare, you’ll find both savoury and sweet toast on a selection of breads that looks almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

And these are some highly decadent pieces of toasted bread, mind you. The classics include The Daily (avocado, charcoal dusted goats cheese, mild chili flakes and mixed sesame), Top Lunch (poached chicken, aioli, walnuts, celery and rocket), My Mushroom (hommus, sautéed mixed mushroom, chili, goats cheese) and Vegan Joe (avocado, vegan parmesan, radish and fresh coriander). Sweet tooths can dive into the Strawberry Slider (fresh strawberries, clotted cream, toasted coconut shavings and honey) and the absolute stunner that is the B1, B2 (peanut butter, fresh banana, toasted muesli, drizzled honey). My word.

The B1, B2 in all it’s honey-glazed glory.

Each Friday Mr Topper launches their weekly special – this week’s, dubbed “Cheat Day”, featured a thick slice of white sourdough, a generous smear of cacao nut superspread, fresh banana slices and topped with maple bacon. Yeeesh.

Hello old friend.

There’s also a crazy-good selections of spreads on offer if you’d like to personalise things, like Nutella, almond butter, cream cheese and a buffet of of jams and marmalades.

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Time to relocate those brunch plans, we’ve got ourselves a contender.

Mr Topper’s Toast Bar is located on Campbell Parade in Bondi, Sydney.

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