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Italy Is Now Offering Red Wine Spa Baths Because They Know What The People Want

Italy Is Now Offering Red Wine Spa Baths Because They Know What The People Want

Love wine? Silly question. Here’s the greatest news for vino fans since learning of that free red wine fountain last month: Castello di Casole, an luxury castle estate in Tuscany, is now offering red wine spa treatments because life is just great sometimes.

Clearly it was only a matter of time before we blended two of our favourite life treats (spas, wine) and called it a thing. Castello di Casole has created a line of wine-inspired spa treatments, which is possibly the closest thing to actually hooking wine to an IV and soaking it through our veins. (Pro tip: don’t do this.)

Found at the heart of the gorgeous hilltop estate on a quiet pedestrian path is their inviting Essere Spa. Originally the estate’s wine cellar (how fitting), the spa offers a tranquil and beautiful setting (that includes barrel-vaulted ceilings and restored thousand-year-old stone walls) for your vino immersion.


The treatment menu at Essere Spa is inspired by local ingredients, namely olive oil, grape seeds and fresh rosemary, so it’s safe to say you’ll be feeling – and probably tasting – like a decadent Sunday roast by the end of it.

Essere’s signature treatment is The DiVino Ritual, a 110 minute treatment inspired by and including (you guessed it) scores and scores of vino. It begins with a VinoTherapy Body Scrub, which features grapeseed oil, honey, wine and brown sugar, followed by a soak in their trademark red wine bath, which includes a hydro-massage enriched with red wine extracts.

If you insist…

Your transformation into a literal red wine human is topped off with a luxurious massage, the spa’s signature DiVino Massage, which will lull you into a cosy haze with grapeseed and essential oils.

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But don’t worry, getting your red wine fix will be a lot easier than drinking the bath water – Essere offer a complimentary snack of fresh grapes and a glass of the estate’s exclusive vintage vino. Cheers to that.

You can get your red wine treatment fix at Castello di Casole come March 2017.

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