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The Hilarious Truth Behind This Wildly Popular Travel Snap

The Hilarious Truth Behind This Wildly Popular Travel Snap

Trolltunga Norway

You’ve probably seen it in your Instagram feed: A single traveller looking wistfully over one of Norway’s glittering fjords from a distinctive rocky outcrop known as Trolltunga. The spectacular landscape and a perch atop the unique geological formation is the stuff Instagram dreams are made of.

But while it appears your friends are basking in glorious solitude 700m above picturesque Lake Ringedalsvatnet, the reality is much different: On any given day, hundreds of happy snappers wait patiently (some for hours) to get their very own shot.

According to Stuff, over 800 punters were lined up in Norway’s peak season, and it’s safe to say they earned their new profile pic: Trolltunga (which translates to “trolls tongue”) is reached by a six-hour hike in each direction.

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If you’d like to try it for yourself, your best bet is to join a guided tour with experts who can ensure the trip – and your Trolltunga snap – are seamless. The hike in the country’s Skjeggedal district is 23 to 27km long, with an ascent of 900m.

Alternatively, Trolltunga can be reached by car or public transport. Take a look at Visit Norway’s recommendations for more information, directions, and reputable tour operators.

(Lead image: Rob Bye)

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