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These Are The Top 20 Places People Are Saving To Their Honeymoon Pinterest Boards

These Are The Top 20 Places People Are Saving To Their Honeymoon Pinterest Boards

Some places — yes, like France, just not when Emily is in Paris — scream romance and others don’t really seem to lend a vibe to getting all loved up with your S.O. But which ones really get our hearts racing?

While travel restrictions may have put a dampener on international travel, hell Covid even put a halt on more than a few weddings, it hasn’t stopped people from dreaming and planning their ideal honeymoons.

Luxury travel company Kuoni analysed tens of thousands of honeymoon boards on Pinterest, the planning social media platform, to see which places were setting hearts aflutter. It’s pretty safe to say that if it’s warm and surrounded by ocean, it’ll make the cut.

Bali, Italy and Hawaii were the clear winners, all with nearly a thousand Pinterest board features each. Having been to all three of these countries as an incredibly single person, I have to say I don’t blame you all.

Just imagine luxuriating in one of Bali’s next-level five-star resorts? Or holding a mini post-wedding photoshoot on Hawaii’s striking black sand beaches? Don’t even get me started on the dramatic coastline and cute towns of Italy. You could do that both-slurping-opposite-ends-of-the-same-spaghetti schtick every night.

While this warm and beach-adjacent theme continues throughout the top 20 list, an occasional surprise pops up, like Ireland, New Zealand and Iceland. Then again, what could be more romantic than being snuggled up in a bubble watching the Northern Lights?

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You can check out the full top 20 countries that were most pinned as honeymoon destinations below.

Top 20 Most ‘Pinned’ Honeymoon Destinations

  1. Bali – 998 boards
  2. Italy – 997 boards
  3. Hawaii – 992 boards
  4. The Maldives – 981 boards
  5. Ireland – 980 boards
  6. Thailand – 980 boards
  7. Mexico – 949 boards
  8. Greece – 757 boards
  9. India – 734 boards
  10. Costa Rica – 729 boards
  11. Japan – 717 boards
  12. Jamaica – 699 boards
  13. New Zealand – 601 boards
  14. France – 500 boards
  15. Iceland – 499 boards
  16. St Lucia – 477 boards
  17. Aruba – 442 boards
  18. Bahamas – 417 boards
  19. Spain – 415 boards
  20. Fiji – 408 boards

(Lead Image: Provided / Kuoni)

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