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This Town Was Built Under A Giant Boulder

This Town Was Built Under A Giant Boulder

Setenil de las Bodegas is a town in southern Spain where the phrase “living under a rock” is taken more literally than figuratively.

The small town, which boasts a population of about 3000 friendly people, is set along a narrow river gorge, with many of the houses built into the rock walls of the gorge itself, thanks to the large caves formed by the rocky overhang.

Photo: Andrea Moroni/Flickr

It’s actually a pretty practical way to build a city, all things considered. The natural caves prove to be ideal living quarters because instead of having to build entire houses, town planners need only build a homely façade to finish them off. Smart move there.

Photo: José Luis Sánchez Mesa/Flickr

Sitting close to the Rio Trejo river, the weather in Sentenil is cool and temperate year round. And despite literally living under a rock, Sentenil is quite the happening town – the bars and restaurants are some of the best in the region and boast delicacies like chorizo, olive oil, honey, jam and wine.

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Photo: Eleazar/Flickr

This place rocks… sorry, had to.

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