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This Sleeping Bag Looks Like An Actual Bear

This Sleeping Bag Looks Like An Actual Bear

Ever felt the urge to hibernate?

This sleeping bag looks like a realistic bear that you can zip yourself inside of – perfect for surprising your companions on a national park camping trip. We bet that first moment of shock will even make them momentarily forget that bears aren’t native to Australia. A great trick, or the best trick? You choose.


The suit you can sleep in, created by Dutch artist Eiko Ishizawa, was inspired by a rogue bear in the Bavarian Alps who met an unfortunate fate decided by the local government and hunters. It exists to highlight the boundaries mankind rarely breaks with wild nature, despite our admiration and love for it.


The suit is two metres long and the realistic look is achieved through fake fur, rubber, foam, zippers and glass eyes.

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The sleeping bags are custom made to order and cost around $2500AUD, so you’d need to be hellbent on Punk’ng your friends to don one but surely they’d only bear (ahem) a grudge for a short while before seeing the humour. Right guys?


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