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This Site Tells You Which Countries You Need A Visa For; Is Extremely Handy

This Site Tells You Which Countries You Need A Visa For; Is Extremely Handy

The Passport Index has unveiled a new online tool that lets users navigate the complex network of visa regulations.

It’s the question on the lips (well, fingertips) of every traveller heading to a new country:

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In today’s globalised world, visas play a huge part in international travel. But in the excitement of planning a trip, some travellers forget about the (often very strict) visa regulations in place in some countries – like how you’re often not even allowed to board the plane in your departure destination if you can’t present your approved visa for the country you’re landing in. It’s dicey stuff, and now there’s a new interactive online tool to help out.

The Passport Index’s new Compare tool lets users pick their passport nationality then browse the visa regulations of every country in the world. The tool will signal whether you’ll be able to travel visa-free to your destination, whether you’ll need to buy a visa on arrival or in advance, or if the destination offers an electronic visa that can be purchased online (like for Canada, India, Sri Lanka and the US). If you have dual citizenship, the tool will also help you figure out which passport will be easiest to travel with on your journey.

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The Passport Index site also includes a Global Passport Power Rank that assigns a score to each country’s passport, depending on how easy it is for them to travel with. Germany and Sweden are tied at number one, with the Aussie passport in eighth place.

We’re definitely adding this one to our bookmarks.

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