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The World’s Most ‘Powerful’ Passport Has Been Revealed

The World’s Most ‘Powerful’ Passport Has Been Revealed

Australians are holding onto the world’s sixth most “powerful” passport according to a worldwide ranking.

The multinational financial advisory firm Arton Capital has unveiled their annual online passport index for 2017. The list lets users view passports sorted by colour, location and “passport power rank”. The passport power rank is calculated according to how many countries that nation’s passport allows you to visit either by buying a visa upon arrival, or without a visa at all.

This year, the list was topped by Germany, with passport holders being able to visit 157 countries without a visa. In second place comes Sweden and Singapore with a 156 visa-free score, and third was a tie between Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, The UK and The US with a 155 visa-free score.

Australia ranks sixth, alongside Greece and South Korea with a 152 visa-free score, which isn’t half bad – it’s also a nice improvement on previous years where we’ve come in at ninth place.


The overall list proves one thing for sure – it sure helps to live in Europe.

The top 10 most “powerful” passports

#1 Germany (157)
#2 Sweden, Singapore (156)
#3 Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, United Kingdom, United States of America (155)
#4 Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal, Japan (154)
#5 Malaysia, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand (153)
#6 Greece, South Korea, Australia (152)
#7 Czech Republic, Iceland (151)
#8 Hungary (150)
#9 Malta, Poland (149)
#10 Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia (148)

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Check out the full ranking here.

(Lead image: Jon Rawlinson/Flickr)

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