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This Open-Air Hotel Room Takes Glamping To A Whole New Level

This Open-Air Hotel Room Takes Glamping To A Whole New Level

South Africa is a dream holiday destination for its sheer beauty, its plethora of adrenaline-pumping activities, and its lively cultural scene. And here’s another thing to add to the ever-growing list of plusses – South Africa is home to the Kagga Kamma Resort and Nature Reserve.

The resort gives guests front row seats to the Cederberg region, an area of untouched wilderness on the edge of Cape Town‘s city limits. And when I say front row seats, I really mean it.

The resort features five warm, thatched chalets and 10 exclusive cave suites built into the sandstone, but there’s two rooms that really take things up a notch.

Kagga Kamma Resort has two open-air rooms — the Star Suite and the Outcrop — boasting seclusion, a fire, free breakfast and views so good that all other sights will be rendered meaningless in comparison.

Kagga Kamma Resort

To get there, guests are escorted to their chosen enclave on quad bike. Once settled into the quiet, torch-lit setting, they’re pretty much left to their own devices until they’re picked up the next morning.

While the adventure is technically outside, guests won’t be roughing it – this is glamping at its finest. There’s a queen-sized bed, basic bathroom amenities, a natural rock pool, and a “star bath” – a cosy bathtub planted beneath the dazzling night sky. With a traditional dinner and complimentary sparkling wine on hand, they’ll be feeling like a VIP in no time.

Kagga Kamma Resort

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The resort also offers a bunch of excursions in and around the reserve, like guided nature drives, quad-bike safaris, hiking trails, and stargazing at the mini observatory.

Leaving your bed will probably be the hardest decision you make that day.

Kagga Kamma Resort

Kagga Kamma is located about three-and-a-half hours drive from Cape Town.

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