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This New Travel Kit Is Guaranteed To Turn You Into A Real-Life Bear Grylls

This New Travel Kit Is Guaranteed To Turn You Into A Real-Life Bear Grylls

When you pack for a trip, it’s hard to know exactly how to prepare for everything that may arise. It feels like you need to take a million different things “just in case”. But do you think Bear Grylls or MacGyver ever thought like that? No, no. They just had the basics covered and figured it out from there. And now you can too.

There’s a new travel kit fittingly titled ‘Worst Case’ that’s filled with everything you could possibly need in a worst case scenario. And we mean everything.

worst case 2

Contained inside a compact, waterproof case you’ll find *deep inhale* tools to make shelter, tools to spark a fire, water purifier, basic first aid, fishing kit, a compass, micro saw, waterproof paper and pencil, can opener, needle, tweezers, paracord, glue, tape, safety pins, flashlight and a mirror. Phew!

None of the objects are dangerous either, so it’s completely safe to go through airport security.

worst case

If you’re expecting to go on an overnight hike, camping trip or 100-day expedition into the jungle, then this kit should pretty much cover it. Jokes. But if you can find a way to use every single one of these items, we’re sure Bear Grylls would be seriously impressed.

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Luckily, most trips won’t need a portable fire starting kit or can-opener. But if you want to fully prepared, you can head to the online store to pick one up for $115AUD.

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Ready to kick off your next adventure-filled holiday? That’s the spirit!

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