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This Must Be The Best Hidden Waterfall In The World

This Must Be The Best Hidden Waterfall In The World

A helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon may be on the top of many bucket lists, but we’ve found a hidden waterfall deep within this natural wonder that will make you want to explore it a little closer.

(Photo: Frank Kehren/Flickr)

Situated just a few miles uphill from the mighty Colorado River, the Havasu Falls and the surrounding Havasupai trail look like something out of a fairytale. The surrounding red rock opens up to a stunningly blue waterfall that is a temperate and cool escape from the hot desert landscape.

But backpacking to this hidden Garden of Eden is no walk in the park – if you’re up for it, it’s about a 16-kilometre trek in the sweltering Arizona heat.

(Photo: Frank Kehren/Flickr)

The moderately difficult trail has little to no escape from the dry and dusty landscape, so pack heaps of water in your day-pack. There’s only a limited number of people allowed at the Havasu Canyon at a time so you’ll need to make a reservation.

Of course if you’re not up for the hiking, helicopter services are also available.

(Photo: Ryan Malone/Flickr)

So you’re probably wondering, is that 16-kilometre hike really all worth it? The answer is an emphatic yes. The hardest part about this paradise is definitely not the trek there – it’s knowing you’ll eventually have to leave.

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(Lead Image: Fred Rhoades III/Flickr)

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