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This Mini Camper Can Be Customised Into Anything, Really

This Mini Camper Can Be Customised Into Anything, Really

One of the main problems with caravanning is the fact that you go to all the effort of getting into the great outdoors, only to be trapped inside a tiny indoor space. There is a way around that, you know – all it takes is some space-age ingenuity.

Happier Camper HC1 is a ultra-light travel and utility trailer, perfect for any and all adventures. It’s cute, retro and above all else, completely versatile.

The trailer is fitted out with customisable modules that can be flipped, swapped and switched an infinite number of times. You can make a bed, a couch, a chair, a desk, and you can even swap all of them out to fit in mountain bikes, camping gear – really everything but the kitchen sink. Oh wait, no – you can fit that in too.


The HC1 features large panoramic windows, a huge rear hatch, and wide-entry doors, and all furniture performs double-duty as both indoor and outdoor wares. As its made from a light-weight fibreglass, the entire trailer weighs only about 450 kilograms, making it easy to tow with even a compact car.


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Need. This.


To grab your own super swanky trailer, it’ll set you back around $21,000AUD. Time to put that tax refund to good use?

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