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This Map Shows The Top Tourist Attractions To See In Every Country

This Map Shows The Top Tourist Attractions To See In Every Country

When looking for places to visit in a new city, it’s common for us to seek out the all-knowing Internet for answers on where to go. TripAdvisor and AWOL (oh, you mean us?) are your go-tos, but now there’s a way to decipher the top tourist destinations you absolutely must see in every country.

It comes to us via this very handy and very knowledgeable map from VoucherCloud.


VoucherCloud put the map together based on the top rated “Things To Do” on TripAdvisor from each country. If you scan the map you’ll find popular faves like the Sydney Harbour in Australia, the Great Wall in China and Table Mountain in South Africa.

But there are a few surprises in there: for the UK, the highest rated thing to do is actually the Harry Potter Studio Tour (which is correct, on so many levels). And the number one thing to do in the whole of the US? Well, Central Park of course.

As well as the map, VoucherCloud also collated the results into categories: 76 of them are natural attractions, 54 are historic attractions, 29 are religious attractions and the remaining 38 are generic tourist attractions.

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Check out the map in full detail here.

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