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This Has Got To Be The Smartest Suitcase Ever

This Has Got To Be The Smartest Suitcase Ever

Smart phones, smart TVs and now smart luggage? It’s a natural progression. But we’ve already seen hands-free suitcases that follow you around using bluetooth – could it get any better than that? Well yes. A whole lot better, in fact.


Floatti is being billed as the world’s first “super suitcase” and the “ultimate travel companion” thanks to a throw of additional features like suspension riding, a built in scale and even the world’s first Smart Handle with touch control and notifications. The case will also charge your devices and even tell you when your bag is getting closer to you at baggage claim. It’s so smart!


Ok so you’re probably wondering what a Smart Handle is. If you pair your phone with the suitcase using Floatti’s app, you’ll then be able to control your phone using just the handle and your finger tips – no phone necessary. This new gadget puts all of your most-used phone features right in the palm of your hand, meaning you won’t have to worry about pulling out your phone every ten seconds while you’re on your journey.

You’ll be able to receive notifications, answer calls, dial contacts, play and change music tracks, control your camera, launch apps and sent of an alarm or SOS code if you’re in danger. All you have to do it learn a particular kind of morse code using taps and swipes along the suitcases handle.


Another gobsmacking part of this clever bag is the fact that it can weigh itself using a built in scale. Just lift your case by the handle and the scale will reveal the weight – it’s genius.

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There’s also that suspension – Floatti is apparently the world’s first suitcase to feature suspension that’s engineered to work for both pushing and pulling. The four wheel design offers a completely smooth ride that’s devoid of friction and comfortable to handle.

Check out the case in action below.

Currently accepting pledges via Kickstarter, Floatti has already met it’s target of $100,000 with upwards of 380 backers donating before its deadline of May 7. Click here for more info on Floatti and to donate to the cause. The future is here.

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