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This Glass-Bottomed Hotel Pool Is A Big Old Nope

This Glass-Bottomed Hotel Pool Is A Big Old Nope

InterContinental Dubai pool

Dubai has a reputation for the extreme, and this clear plexiglass pool hanging off the side of a hotel proves it. Safe to say, there’s no skinny dipping allowed.


The hotel in question is called the InterContinental Dubai Festival City and it prides itself on being one of the most luxe accommodation options in the UAE. The-glass bottom pool lip – which gives passers by below  a prime view of your bathers – hangs over the edge of the hotel, a terrifying four storeys up. Yeah, nah.

Thankfully, there are a number of more conventional, non-panic-inducing pools in the hotel, so if you’re not game to swim out into the abyss, you’re covered.

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The pool is similar to the proposed “Sky Pool” being built in London, which will suspend an entirely transparent pool between the tenth storeys of two buildings – which also gets a big old “nope” from us. But, you know, some people love this stuff. You do you.

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(All images: InterContinental Dubai Festival City)

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