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This Floating Lodge Is A Nice Spot To Get Away From It All

This Floating Lodge Is A Nice Spot To Get Away From It All

Putting house boats around the world to shame, there is an actual lodge you can stay at in Canada that floats on a lake.

The Great Bear Lodge is located on the north part of Vancouver Island via the town of Port Hardy. Accessible only by air, it’s a fully self-contained lodge with just eight bedrooms. Guests staying at the lodge get to enjoy the secluded peacefulness of the area and immersion in the incredible scenery, as well as sweet presentations from local wildlife biologists. There is also a restaurant on board serving up fresh local food.

Photo: Great Bear Lodge

The floating lodge is also right next to the Great Bear Rainforest, home to a large population of wild grizzly bears. Most visitors are drawn to the lodge in the spring, summer and autumn months to take part in the hotel’s grizzly bear viewing tours.

photo bears
Photo: Great Bear Lodge

During these tours, guests can check out the bears at their most active part of the day from a nearby viewing platform. It’s a dream for photographers who regularly get a chance at a (reasonably) up close (and very safe) glimpse of a real life grizzly bear.

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Wow, so cool to see you guys from this very safe viewing platform. Photo: Great Bear Lodge.

You can find out more about the floating lodge here.

(Lead photo: Great Bear Lodge)

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