This Amazing Road Takes You To The Highest Pub In Africa

It’s no wonder that South Africa’s Sani Pass is a popular filming location for car advertisements. The road, which passes over the dramatic summit of the Drakensberg Mountain Range and connects KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa and Mokhotlong in Lesotho, is famed for being one of the most stunning and treacherous drives in the world.

(Photo: H Grafic/Flickr)

The route starts at 1544 metres high and climbs 1332 vertical metres to an altitude of 2876 metres. It’s only accessible with a four wheel drive and even then, the hairpin turns and steep gradients mean the road must be approached with extreme caution.

(Photo: Vaiz Ha/Flickr)

Needless to say, arriving at the top of the pass is one hell of an achievement, and certainly one worthy of celebration – and what’s better than a big glass of cold, fizzy, amber, starchy celebration? The Sani Mountain Lodge which sits at the summit of the pass is Africa’s highest pub, so you can dampen your anxiety-induced dry throat after the hair-raising drive up.

(Photo: Alf Igel/Flickr)

And the best bit? You don’t even have to steer yourself up the mountain range to reach your reward. The lodge accepts bookings for their shuttle service so you can just sit back and drink in the views.

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(Lead image: Vaiz Ha/Flickr)

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