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5 Of Tasmania’s Hidden Gems

5 Of Tasmania’s Hidden Gems

Passionate Tasmanian flag flyers Luca Brasi are quietly confident that their corner of the world is the greatest. Of course there’s the much admired natural beauty of the island, a world-famous art gallery with a sense of humour (and it’s accompanying festivals), plus the best hotel in the world – but there’s also vast stretches of untouched coastlines, a bourgeoning interest in food to match all tastes and a thriving underground music scene that Luca Brasi themselves are currently championing.

The band are hitting the road with their warm and fuzzy punk rock this month (tour dates here) to support their Loose Threads 7″ EP, out on Poison City Records. 2014 was a landmark year for the band who toured with Violent Soho, brought in the new year at Falls Festival and ventured to China for the first time. UK punks Gnarwolves and will be joining them on the road as they swing past Newcastle, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and  – of course – Hobart. We asked the Tassie natives to provide us with some of the Apple Isle’s hidden gems. Here’s what they hit us with.

#1 Eddystone Point, Bay of Fires

(Photo: Courtesy of band)

Eddystone Point is the best kept secret in the world, let alone Tassie. It’s the most north-eastern point of the state and at the top end of the famous Bay of Fires. Huge empty white sand beaches, beautiful clear water (although it’s very cold), sand dunes to roll down, rocks to jump off, fish to catch and abalone to dive for. Zero phone reception and no electrical power only adds to the relaxation – it couldn’t be any better. My family is lucky enough to own one of the few shacks there, for everyone else, there is a great camping ground. (Pat Marshall)

#2 Corralyn Swimming Hole, Launceston

(Photo: Courtesy of band)

Corralyn is the most killer swimming hole and it’s just a 15 minute drive from the city of Launceston (20 on the postie bike). There’s a collection of big and small rock jumps and rapids and sometimes a makeshift rope swing set up off the bridge by the local kids. The clean, fresh water runs down from the nearby mountains, making it the best spot to cool off on a hot day. Top spot for a stubby also. (Tyler Richardson)

#3 The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart

(Photo: The Brisbane Hotel/Facebook)

The Brisbane Hotel in Hobart is Tassie’s best live music venue/pub/place to get absolutely ridiculous. An awesome live room out in the back bar, killer cheap food, cheap accommodation and legendary bar staff makes it our Hobart pub home. I’ve seen some behaviour here that is basically unspeakable to anyone from the general populous. I’ve also seen some of the best shows ever in among the madness. (TR)

#4 Garden Of Vegan, Launceston

(Photo: Garden Of Vegan/Facebook)

Garden of Vegan is a rad little Vietnamese vegan restaurant in Launceston in the state’s north. Awesome food, lovely staff and good vibes make it my most visited eatery in Launceston. The fact that is also the only dedicated vegan restaurant in the city also helps. On the same street there’s a 24-hour pokies pub (which owes me quite a lot of cash) and a lovely park across the road, in which you can have some tins on warm evenings. Perfect. (TR)

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#5 Bruny Island

Bruny Island
(Photo: Courtesy of band)

To get to Bruny Island you need to catch a ferry which departs from Kettering, about 30 minutes south of Hobart. Bruny is a rad little island dotted with tiny shack towns, great sea life, ripper coastline and some of the best secret surf spots in Australia. There’s also now some great wining and dining options including a fantastic cheese factory. There’s also a pub! All the better to assist in keeping the party rolling in what is a pretty remote part of the world. (PM)

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