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This Adelaide Hotel Is A Work Of Art

This Adelaide Hotel Is A Work Of Art

Cosmopolitan North Adelaide has long been considered a cultural and culinary go-to for locals and tourists alike. It also hosts Adelaide’s most artistic accommodation option: The Majestic Minima. This boutique hotel boasts almost 50 compact studio rooms, each devotedly designed by some of Adelaide’s finest visual artists.

Inspired by the theme of “creativity and creation,” curator Matt Stuckey commissioned local artists like Peter Drew (the heart behind the “Real Australians Say Welcome” street art campaign), jewellery designer Naomi Murrell, and cross-discipline artist James L. Marshall, to devise site-specific installations for every individual room. Here’s a few of our favourites.

Room #06: Anemone by John Quan


An industrial designer by trade, Quan’s room Anemone was inspired by his interactions with the environment. Guests will be similarly stirred by Quan’s in-room installation: a magnetic anemone made from tape, which can be manipulated with the swish of a wand. The effect is hypnotic.

Room #107: Seeds of Life by Vans the Omega

majestic-minima-north-adelaide-vans-the-omegaStreet artist Vans the Omega (aka Joel Van Moore) has been throwing machine-like shapes up across Adelaide’s alleys for more than 20 years. His Minima interior is inspired by sacred geometry, human cell division, and the living elements of earth, wind, water and fire.

Room #101: Untitled by Jonathan VDK

majestic-minima-north-adelaide-jonathan-vdkShutterbug Jonathan VDK honed in on the hands and heads of his portrait subjects. His room communicates the feeling that creativity is innate in everyone, with ideas borne in our heads brought to life by our hands.

Room #112: Untitled by Lisa King


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A self-described “low-brow” artist, King employs soft, subtle oil painting techniques to enhance her otherwordly works. For her room, King focussed on fostering a fun-filled, exclusive sanctuary, where guests can revel in colour, character and fantastical storytelling.

Room #214: Hills Hoist by Donovan Christie

majestic-minima-north-adelaide-donovan-christieHyper-real colours pop right off the walls in the room designed by emerging acrylic artist Donovan Christie. The quintessentially Australian silhouette of a Hills Hoist clothesline is transplanted from the average suburban backyard into this ultra-modern hotel suite, making this room the ultimate “home away from home”.

See something you like, or want to continue exploring? View all 46 of the Majestic Minima art rooms on their website.

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