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These Are The 7 Cheapest European Cities To Live In

These Are The 7 Cheapest European Cities To Live In

Moving overseas is a rite of passage for many young Australians, and Europe is a highly sought after continent. Certain cities and their costliness can often extinguish that dream, but there are quite a few that still prove to be affordable and awesome.

Salaries and cost of living differ across Europe. Just because you’re making decent money doesn’t mean that you’ll have a higher quality of life; rent prices, as well as the cost of food, transport and entertainment make bigger cities like London and Paris exceptionally pricey, despite the fact that you may be earning more than in other cities. A new Glassdoor report titled “Which Countries In Europe Offer The Best Standard Of Living?” compares average wages with the cost of living in 18 countries, and has found that some cities with low wages more make up for that with their relative low cost of living.

So in saying that, where should you head on the continent for a better standard of life, where the cost of living and the money earning opportunities swing in your favour? Well, you may not have heard of the winner, but you’re likely to want to visit it now. Tartu, Estonia’s second largest city came out as the cheapest city in Europe to live in. Known as the intellectual capital of the country, its booming art and music scene make it an ideal place for young creatives. Tallin, Estonia’s capital also made the list.

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As for other countries in the cheaper end, AWOL favourite Portugal has two cities in the top seven with Lisbon (which we called the best city in Europe) and Porto proving to be ideal places to live and work for those on a lower budget.

Greece also had two cities in the list, with Barcelona in Spain rounding out the top seven.

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In order, these are the seven cheapest European cities to live in:

#1 Tartu, Estonia
#2 Porto, Portugal
#3 Thessaloniki, Greece
#4 Tallinn, Estonia
#5 Athens, Greece
#6 Lisbon, Portugal
#7 Barcelona, Spain

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