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Science Says You Should Head For The Mountains If You Want A Memorable Holiday

Science Says You Should Head For The Mountains If You Want A Memorable Holiday

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Why is it that, sometimes, remembering all the details of a hidden bar in a tiny Bolivian town you ventured to years ago is easier than recalling who you stayed with in Barcelona last month? Well, science can explain how meaningful travel memories are made and breaks down how you can ensure that your memories of your next adventure are on point.

Researchers at the University of Texas recently conducted a study to answer questions around travel and memory, looking at factors such as destination type, cost of vacation, group type, work habits, amount of time spent on mobile devices, and social media. While there were a lot of interesting findings, perhaps the most astute is the destination type that evoked the most memory-making: mountains! Far more so than cities, beaches, or even small towns.


Even better, the amount of money you spend on vacation does not significantly impact the memorability of vacations, meaning you don’t need the biggest budget to have the best time.



The study also found that selfies are actually a good thing. Those who took regular selfies on holiday were 40 per cent more likely to remember their vacations than those who didn’t.

Making an online photo album also increases your chances of making long-term memories, as did displaying souvenirs in your home or office, and inviting people round for a good old-fashioned slideshow.

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So, yes, smart phones can be a virtue on holiday – but make sure you’re just using them for photos, as over-use on social media results in a less enjoyable experience.

(Lead image: Khánh Hmoong / Flickr)

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