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These Amazing Yellow Fields Are What Instagram Dreams Are Made Of 

These Amazing Yellow Fields Are What Instagram Dreams Are Made Of 

It looks like something from a fairy tale, but these amazing bright yellow fields are canola crops blooming near Moyston (between Ararat and Halls Gap) in Victoria’s South West and now is the best time to capture them in all their golden glowing glory.


In the farming world canola is considered a winter crop, reaching full bloom in early spring, which for the Instagraming non-farmers out there translates to ROAD TRIP TIME. So now is the time to head to the countryside to shoot that eye-catching new profile pic you’ve been longing for.


Canola seeds are used to make margarine and cooking oil, and Australia sits in the top five producers in the world. The unusual yellow paddocks can be found growing in regions that have slightly wetter or cooler climates, including Western Victoria, South West WA, South East SA and some parts of New South Wales, sometimes stretching as far as the eye can see.


Try shooting the fields in early morning or at dusk for the best light. If you are lucky – and with the right camera lenses – you might even capture some bees buzzing about as well.

It’s common for passers by to pull over for a quick photo shoot – the vibrant flowering fields have a strange way of whispering in the wind “come over here, come and frolic” – but remember that they are growing on private property and the crop is how the farmer’s make their dough, so please be respectful.


From Melbourne, your best chance of spotting a canola field is by heading towards Moyston, Elmore, Lexton, The Grampians, Beaufort, Shepperton or Dookie over the next few weeks.  There are also vibrant yellow canola fields in Cowra, NSW, four hours west of Sydney.

Hayfever suffers, it may be best you sit this one out. Sorry.

(Photos:Vanja Bezbradica & Kate McCabe)

Melbourne is the easiest place from which to visit the fields. Check out Qantas flights here.

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