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There’s Finally A Way To Get A Good Night’s Sleep When Camping

There’s Finally A Way To Get A Good Night’s Sleep When Camping

As any avid nature-lover is probably well aware, getting a good night’s sleep while camping can make a world of difference, so a successful camping trip almost always comes down to comfort. Thin mattresses and tough terrain can ruin it all but carrying around bulky bedding is less than ideal, which makes getting a good night’s sleep while camping seem like a pipe dream.

Until now, that is.


The Bundle Bed is here to solve all of your camping woes. This portable bedding solution is a roll-out camping bed that is both comfortable, convenient and compact – basically all the requirements for a good night’s sleep.

The idea began when co-founder Lucy Bartlett was spending time on our fare shores of Oz. While camping, Lucy found that sleeping in a swag (one of those rollable backpack beds) was both comfortable and remarkably easy to set up. The only problem was its bulkiness.

So, the budding entrepreneur that she was, Lucy decided to design her own version – one that fit all the same parameters, but was much more portable and lightweight. And the Bundle Bed was born.


Currently accepting pledges via Kickstarter, the Bundle Bed includes a self-inflating mattress, fitted sheet, duvet and pillow. The mattress is about five centimetres thick and has no need for a pump – it inflates as soon as it rolls out, thanks to a small air valve.

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Each of the items in the bundle feature a water resistant outer layer, which is super easy to wipe clean and keeps all your bedding protected from the elements. You’re even able to the sheets off the bundle bed and wash them, just like your sheets at home.


They’ve basically thought of everything. The Bundle Beds come in adult and kid’s sizes, with prices starting at £120 ($230AUD). Find out more and contribute to the Kickstarter here.

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