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There’s An Insane $2 Billion Theme Park On Its Way To Dubai

There’s An Insane $2 Billion Theme Park On Its Way To Dubai

With its official unveiling this week, the newest theme park to hit Dubai is – literately and figuratively – a big deal.


Dubai Parks & Resorts, a $2.8 billion project funded by Dubai’s tourism body, is in fact three world-class theme parks and another water park side-by-side. It’s set to include 100 attractions in total. Wowee!

The entire resort is set to take up a two square kilometre radius and it’ll include a LEGOLAND, a LEGOLAND waterpark, a Bollywood-inspired land, a movie-themed world, as well as an impressive riverside walkway that connects all the parks.

As well as the parks there’ll be hotels and retail outlets. Park officials hope to attract 20 million visitors by 2020.


Unfortunately you’ll have to wait ’til October to try out this mammoth theme park, but as their website states, it’s set to be “the ultimate year-round international tourist destination.” We can’t wait.

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(Images: Dubai Parks & Resort)

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