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This Hidden Lake Is Proof The Natural World Is Full Of Surprises

This Hidden Lake Is Proof The Natural World Is Full Of Surprises

The natural world is full of surprises. From rainbow mountains to otherworldy rock pools and underwater waterfalls, these spots are often left hidden to the world by nature, and only discovered on a whim or by a particularly curious explorer.

The same can be said for Hidden Lake.

Photo: wpylnn/Flickr

Hidden Lake is located in Montana’s Glacier National Park in the US. It’s thanks to the lake’s unique location between numerous mountainous peaks – including Bearhat Mountain to the southwest, Clements Mountain to the north and Reynolds Mountain to the east – that it’s been given its name.

Add onto the fact that this place is bloody beautiful to see in the flesh, and it’s another score for Mother Nature.

Ugh, how is this place even real?? Photo: Donny Barnec/Flickr

The lake itself is a popular day hike destination from Logan Pass in Flathead County, Montana. It’s about a 4.8-kilometre round trip to get there, and if you want to head closer to the lakeshore it’s another 2.4-kilometres one way.

Photo: Sri Dhanush K/Flickr

Bravo, Mother Nature.

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