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There’s A Wearable Sleeping Bag And It’s Basically The Best

There’s A Wearable Sleeping Bag And It’s Basically The Best

The Napsack (get it?), produced by boutique camping company Poler, is one third sleeping bag, one third puffer jacket, one third Snuggie and 100 percent sublime. The plush pouch fits your whole person in there and comes in four different sizes based on your height requirements.


It has zipper openings at the shoulders so your arms can escape, a leather tabbed hood, a cinch at the bottom with openings to poke your legs through and a phone pocket with a pass hole for your headphones. Perfect for camping, long transit, lounging, surfing and probably even casual office attire in winter (go on, push those boundaries).

It has been inching up the hottest summer fashion trends list after being spotted on a host of celebrities (okay, just one celebrity).

The Napsack comes in a heap of colour varieties, plus camo to blend in and a Ken Done-esque pattern to stand out.


Imagine spending a few hours in this at the twilight end of a music festival in this bad boy and then just crawling into your tent already encased in a cozy cave of comfort. Bliss.

Unfortunately it’s only available in the USA and shipping to Australia doubles the cost of the item itself, so owning it will cost you no less than $300. Some might say it’s a small price to pay to look like an overgrown glowworm.

(All images: Poler)


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