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There’s A Hidden Bar In London’s Subway System

There’s A Hidden Bar In London’s Subway System

We’re no stranger to a hidden drinking hole here at AWOL – we’ve got guides on secret bars in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. So it only seems fitting that the UK is getting in on this subterranean action.


You can now drink in an underground bar in London’s Tube subway system that’s built in a former air raid shelter from World War II. So how do you get there? Simply meander through tunnels below Carnaby Street until you find a sign that says “To The Trains”. Follow a stairway down to the ticketing booth and you’ll be greeted by a quaint themed bar called Cahoots.

hidden bar in London cahoots


The Soho drinking den feels like you’ve teleported back to the 1940s. Its styled like a vintage train car, with bench seating, handrails, a ceiling full of vintage lampshades and a bunch of sturdy wooden benches.


There’re authentic train signs and decorations from the era, along with sandbags, rusted luggage and canned food that makes you feel like you’re drinking in an underground bunker. Even the bar staff is dressed in vintage garb to add to the old school vibe.


Drinking has actually been illegal in the Tube for several years now, so Cahoots is really the only place to enjoy a quick bevvy before your commute.

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(All images: Cahoots / Facebook)

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