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There’s A Cosy Alpine Ski Lodge In The Middle Of… New York City?

There’s A Cosy Alpine Ski Lodge In The Middle Of… New York City?

When you think of alpine ski lodges, New York City probably doesn’t immediately come to mind.

But an elaborate alpine-themed bar has temporarily taken over the rooftop of the McKittrick Hotel in Chelsea, and it’s about to change all your preconceived notions about Manhattan.


The Lodge at Gallow Green has been elaborately designed to look like a ski cabin, complete with bunk beds, dusty books and a whole lot of flannel. This cabin in the woods is bound to take you from wintery New York City right into a cosy hub in the wilds of Scotland.


Surrounding the cabin sits upwards of 50 Christmas trees to get you into the festive spirit. The cabin itself is bigger than expected with a main bedroom with bunk beds, a double bedroom, two sitting areas, a fireplace, a long wooden communal table, a small kitchen and the bar.

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Every detail has been planned to the tee, including maps of Scotland that litter the walls, a handwritten sign warning of avalanches, as well as a number of animal skins strewn about.

Safe to say it’s the perfect place to kick back, settle in with a mug of mulled wine or warm cider, and forget about your city troubles on a cold winter night.

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