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There’s A Bar In San Francisco That Doubles As A Laundromat

There’s A Bar In San Francisco That Doubles As A Laundromat

Eat pancakes, drink beer and… do your laundry? Yep, this fashionable San Francisco hotspot also lets you do your washing while throwing down a few tinnies. What a time to be alive.

Brainwash Cafe & Laundromat is a unique hybrid – it’s a restaurant that serves greasy burgers, killer soups and breakfast ’til 2pm. It’s also a bar that serves cold beer and holds stand-up and open mic nights. It’s also the place you go to to get your clothes clean.

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It’s a pretty smart idea – why waste your time being bored while you wait for your whites and darks to be done? You can now enjoy $1 beer during happy hour, use their free Wi-Fi and enjoy seeing some local talents perform some comedy.

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While it’s nothing new to add food and drink to a laundromat (there’s a few here in Oz that let you do just that), there’s something particularly neat about Brainwash Cafe that so typically San Franciscan. You can even check out their handy livestream cameras that let you know whether the laundry line is long, or if you’ve got really good eyesight, whether your dryer is done.

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