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There Might Soon Be A Glass Restaurant Suspended Over NYC’s Hudson River

There Might Soon Be A Glass Restaurant Suspended Over NYC’s Hudson River

As if you needed any more reasons to plan that trip to New York, an all-glass restaurant suspended over the Hudson River could be coming very soon.

New York City always seems to be at the forefront of coolness. From hidden bars to ice cream museums, the Big Apple always seems to know what the next big thing is. Could it really be restaurants suspended in the air? The renderings for a development proposal in the city that never sleeps have just been released and they’re ambitious, to say the least.

Bigfoot Developers are proposing to build and suspend this small, glass restaurant in between the twin smokestacks of the former Glenwood Power Plant, which has been vacant for 50 years.

It will hang 60 metres in the air at all times; rain, hail, ice or shine.


So how would you actually get up there? The developers told Inhabitat, “People would get up to the restaurant through one of the smoke stacks and a glass bridge. There will be an elevator as well as emergency stairs introduced inside one of the smokestacks, which will give access to an enclosed glass bridge which leads you to the entry of the restaurant.”

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If you’re not scared of heights and not too caught up in the laws of physics, this could be the perfect dining experience for you.

Check out this video of the proposed building below:

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