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The World’s Longest Inflatable Waterslide Is Coming To A Hunter Valley Winery

The World’s Longest Inflatable Waterslide Is Coming To A Hunter Valley Winery

Tell me, is there anything better than hurling yourself down a great big ol’ slip’n’slide in the heat of Australian summer? Well maybe one that’s sitting in one of our country’s best wine regions.

Heads up, guys: Slideapalooza is coming to New South Wales’ Hunter Valley just in time for summer.


Slideapalooza is bringing its giant waterslides to the Calais Estate Winery on January 27, 28 and 29 for a weekend-long festival of fun, music and food. Three of the longest water slides on the planet (they really are!) will take over the lush green hills of the Hunter Valley – there’ll be three 400 metre long slides as well as three 50 metre ones for the little ones. Your ticket gives you access to unlimited sliding for over three hours, which is plenty of time to squeal with childlike abandon as you hurl your body down a hillside.

The festival area will include food and beverage stalls to keep you pepped up, and some tunes to psych you up before you launch yourself down the slide. And boy does it look fun.

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There will be two sessions on each day: a morning session from 9am to 12pm, and an afternoon one running from 1pm to 4pm. There’s a capacity of 1000 sliders per session, with ticket prices starting at $59.95 per person. As with the majority of these super slides, it’s always best to book early to avoid missing out.

(Images: Slideapalooza/Facebook)

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