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That Giant Slip’N’Slide Is Returning To Sydney This Summer

That Giant Slip’N’Slide Is Returning To Sydney This Summer

Sydneysiders, it’s your turn. Pack your swimmers and an inflatable donut because a giant slip’n’slide is returning to Centennial Parklands in January.


Slide The City are bringing a huge slip’n’slide to Grand Drive in Sydney for three whole days of summer fun.

The two lane ridewill overtake the sloping wonderland of Grant Street on January 15, 16 and 17 of 2016. There’ll be music, food, drinks and plenty of water to keep all 300 metres of the slip’n’slide both slippery and slidey.


After last summer was officially crowned the “summer of slip’n’slides”, this year seems to be following suit with a number of slides popping up around the country – Melburnites will also get another shot at slip’n’slide glory with a 400 metre long slide popping up in Lansdowne Street later in the year.


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You can buy early-bird tickets for Sydney’s event now from Slide The City’s website – they’re even offering a VIP ticket which guarantees you free roam of the slip’n’slide before it’s officially opened and after it’s officially closed. FYI: While other ticket holders are limited by a single or triple slide ticket, VIPs are allowed to slide an infinite amount of times. Get on it, guys.

(All images: Slide The City)

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