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The World’s First Virtual Reality Bar Has Opened In Vienna

The World’s First Virtual Reality Bar Has Opened In Vienna

If there was any particular scientific advancement that signifies “the future”, it’s gotta be virtual reality head sets. Let’s be honest, peering into another world – or even the depths of the Great Barrier Reef – from the comfort of your own couch is pretty exciting.

Now, a bar in Vienna is offering you VR with a tipple. Yes, dreams really do come true.


Located in the heart of Vienna, Vrei operates very much like a regular bar with craft beers, coffee and pizza on the menu. But there’s also another menu on offer, serving up some of the world’s very best virtual reality technology.

Punters can try out the latest in gaming technology, including the Samsung GearVR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Among the games offered there’s a roller coaster simulator, racing emulators as well as games Space Pirates Trainer, Longbow and Arizona Sunshine.


Vrei, which has been open just over a year, has welcomed its 10,000th visitor this week, proving that despite being a place where virtual reality reigns supreme over real-life reality, it’s still exceedingly popular with young people in the city.

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But let’s be honest, it’s derivative to call Vrei a “bar”. Here, you’re more likely to interact with the online world than the friends you physically came in with. Instead, think of Vrei more as a modern day arcade where alcohol is served – which sounds infinitely more appealing, no?

(All photos: Vrei and Vrei/Facebook)

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