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Explore The Great Barrier Reef Without Even Leaving Your House

Explore The Great Barrier Reef Without Even Leaving Your House

It’s one of the most glorious natural wonders on the planet, #blessed with a beauty so extraordinary that admirers the world over travel vast distances just to get a glimpse. Yet despite our proximity, many Australians haven’t ventured north, turned our goggled eyes towards the ocean floor and experienced the marvel ourselves.

If you’re looking for the inspiration to finally book that trip to the Great Barrier Reef, this might be just the thing you need. Hamilton Island and Qantas have partnered up to unveil the latest in hi-tech tourism – a virtual reality tour of the island and reef.


The 360-degree three-dimensional video can be viewed via a Samsung headset and will be available to first class customers on selected international flights and also in the Qantas lounges. The seven minute video includes life-like visions of landing on the island, an underwater Great Barrier Reef Experience, a tour of the qualia resort and a helicopter trip over Whitehaven Beach. It’s the perfect taster for those wanting to travel to the region.


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The announce aligns with Qantas’s announcement that they are launching direct flights from Melbourne to Hamilton Island from Saturday June 27.

Check out Qantas flights to Hamilton Island here.

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