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The World’s Biggest Jumping Castle Is Heading To London

The World’s Biggest Jumping Castle Is Heading To London

Meet ‘The Beast’. This aptly-named mammoth piece of plastic is the world’s largest jumping castle, with 32 inflatable parts spanning over 270 metres. Yep, that’s the length of two football fields.

Part kids’ party production, part obstacle course, ‘The Beast’ is a custom-made creation of Belgian inflatables company V-Formation, which reckons, deep down, most adults want to be a kid again. And they’re right. The Beast has it all: huge bouncy balls, rings to swing on, poles to push over and inflatable walls to climb. No word on whether there’s a nearby inflatable napping zone, but we’re pooped just looking at it.

Ouch. Photo: V-FORMATION/Facebook

The buoyant palace of bliss is currently assembled at a Belgian nature park, but will be heading to Hyde Park in London in 2017 where kidults can take up the challenge of completing the course the fastest, presumably without throwing up or passing out from sheer giddiness and/or vertigo. Maybe hold off on having that milkshake beforehand, hey.

Dates are yet to be confirmed, but we reckon this is just what London summer needs. Meantime, if you’re keen to rent it for team-building/your birthday party/the most fun wedding ever, you can hire it here for a cool $8,850 dollars a day. But can you really put a price tag on feeling young again?

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(Lead image: V-FORMATION. h/t: The Sun)

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